Regular vacuum food storage systems require an expensive vacuum seal appliance and special vacuum canisters or disposable bags. The transfer of food between your own container and the special canister or bag is messy, and it takes a long time to vacuum seal the special container or bag.

The Keepeez LID is much easier to use. It turns your existing dishes—or even jars and cans—into vacuum-sealed containers. The Keepeez LID + DISH COMBOS include a fine porcelain dish styled to serve and store your favorite food, making it a cinch to go from table to fridge for serve-and-store ease. To ensure a long-lasting vacuum seal, make sure the dish's rim is flat and free of cracks, food and debris.

Keepeez vacuum food storage is enabled by our innovative, patented design and space-age vacuum-generating materials. The center of the Keepeez LID may look like regular plastic wrap, but don't be fooled. This incredibly strong material has been engineered to resist tears and punctures, as well as to generate and maintain vacuum seal to keep your fruit, vegetables and meat fresher up to five times longer.

Keeping Air Out Keeps Food Fresher Longer

Air is the enemy of food freshness. The oxygen and moisture in air cause food to degrade over a short time and lose flavor and nutritional value. The bacteria and pollutants in air further accelerate such degradation. Conventional containers and plastic wrap actually trap air inside with food. But the innovative Keepeez vacuum packaging process removes air from your existing dishes—or even cans or jars—when you press the LID's center, which seals dishes airtight. Its proven technology extends food freshness up to five times longer.

The simple Keepeez LID is all you need to create an airtight vacuum seal for all your food and other perishable items. With Keepeez, you will:

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Any Porcelain set or thin rimmed version of

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